Sustainable Green Chemistry Initiative

Sunland has put into practice over the last fifty four years the key concepts and best management practices of the sustainable Green Chemistry Initiative by focusing on:


1. Waste Prevention

Our operations are focused on keeping the amount of waste generated to an absolute minimum. We operate using a JIT (just-in-time) manufacturing process which means the materials that arrive are used specifically for your batches.


2. Design for Safety, the Environment, and the Regulatory Climate

Our formulations focus on price and performance using safety, the environment, and the plethora of federal and state regulations to develop products that limit liability and are market competitive.


3. Energy efficiency

The majority of our formulations and systems are designed to work at ambient temperatures and pressures to allow for maximum conservation. We do have systems for heating and cooling for more complex exothermic or endothermic reactions that need temperature regulation to ensure appropriate synthesis.


4. Renewable materials

With many years of experience sourcing and using renewable raw materials and feedstocks Sunland can easily manufacture all your ECO friendly products.


5. Problem prevention

Sunland’s practices focus on problem prevention through the use of inherently safer chemistry and a commitment to staff training and retention.