What size batches can you make?
Sunland Chemical can blend a wide variety of chemicals in tanks ranging from 5 gallons up to 6000 gallons.

How much warehouse space do you have?
At Sunland Chemical we have a 24,000 sq. foot, fully pallet racked warehouse. We have storage space for over 1200 pallets of hazardous and non-hazardous products.

What type of tanks do you have?
Sunland Chemical has a variety of blending tanks, including stainless steel, cross linked polyethylene, rubber lined, lead lined and fiberglass.

Is warehousing just a sideline?
No, warehousing is a full time operation at Sunland Chemical. All of our personnel are DOT, HazMat and forklift certified and can routinely take care of receiving material, breaking it down on pallets, and then upon request, shipping out to their customers locations.

Do you have heating and cooling capabilities?
Yes, many of the blending tanks have jackets that allow liquids from 50 gallons to 6000 gallons to be heated or cooled while blending.

How about variable speed blending?
Sunland has several tanks with variable speed agitators from 40 RPM to 200 RPM.

How long have you been in business?
Sunland Chemical has been blending and packaging for over 54 years at the same location.

What about quality control?
Sunland has a fully staffed and equipped laboratory capable of handling the most difficult quality control procedures from atomic absorption, spectrophotometry or viscosity to the basics like specific gravity or pH.

What type of chemicals do you handle?
Sunland can blend most solvents and almost all corrosive chemicals; from the most aggressive acids to the strongest alkaline products. We blend products for the plastics industry and specialty chemicals for the electronics, printing, janitorial, plating, metal treating, automotive lubrication, car care, chemical milling, sanitation and water treatment industries to mention a few.

How can I be sure my formulas will remain secret?
Sunland has been using non-disclosure agreements for over 54 years, guaranteeing complete confidentiality.