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Custom Blending

Sunland Chemical has been blending, packaging and distributing specialty chemical formulations to customer specifications since 1962. Our success is based on:

  • Decades of experience, knowledge and chemical expertise.
  • Honesty, a rigorous work ethic, fair pricing and reliable accuracy.
  • The relentless pursuit of refining formulas until we achieve what the client is looking for.



We blend chemicals for a variety of industries, and we research, test and analyze every chemical solution to ensure it is 100% right every time.

We carry many chemicals in stock and can easily source others, ensuring our customers experience minimal production turnaround time on custom chemical blends.

In our in-house laboratory, we routinely quality control incoming raw materials and completed production, to make sure the product meets our customers’ specifications before packaging and shipping. We also work with clients on new product development, helping them bring a new idea to market or refining a current formulation.

Your secrets are safe!

All work undertaken by Sunland Chemical is dealt with in the strictest confidential fashion and if required, we are always willing to sign a formal confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. Our unwavering integrity makes us stand out from the rest and gives our customers peace of mind. Because we do not have products of our own, you never have to worry about us competing with you in the marketplace.