Chemical Formulation and Product Development

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Product Development


Creations, innovations, formulations.

Having almost a half century of formulating experience in analytical and industrial chemistry, Sunland Chemical can assist you with new products, break down current formulations or improve an existing product and help bring the product to market. Sunland Chemical’s lab is led by Max Cohen. Max is a veteran of the industry, whose expertise with chemical formulation and product development is renowned. Numerous customers rely on him for his abilities to formulate solvents, acids, detergents, cleaners, adhesives and other chemical solutions.



Our quality assurance.

Whatever products we create, our mission is to develop quality chemical products that are safe in the workplace and meet all domestic, as well as international environmental standards.


We adhere to rigorous quality control measures when testing finished products or raw materials in order to make sure they meet our customers’ specifications before blending and packaging. Incoming raw material is required to have a certificate of analysis with the delivery and each certificate is retained in a file so that if there are any discrepancies, we have traceability to the source. Certificates of analysis are produced for each batch, and samples are retained for 12 months.