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Sunland Chemical continues to meet all our expectations.

Sunland Chemical has been providing toll blending and private labeling to us for close to 10 years. That length of time says quite a bit about our satisfaction with their services.

There are many factors we seek from our suppliers and have always received from Sunland Chemical:

Fair pricing for the services received.
Do what you say you will do, and advise immediately if there will be a delay. Thus, eliminate crises and allow time for adjustments.
Keep control of our owned raw materials and supplies as if they are your own.
Give us good quality packaging so we never have to worry about what we do not inspect.
Provide high level quality control over the formulations so we do not have to double check every batch.

Sunland Chemical continues to meet all our expectations.

Sunland has exceeded all of our expectations

Albatross USA Inc. based out of New York City has been making chlorinated solvent blends for the apparel, textile and imprinted sportswear industries for over 100 years. About ten years ago, the decision was made that the only way to expand our business was by having a production facility on the west coast.

After extensive research, we found Sunland Chemical Company based out of Los Angeles to be a reliable partner in our efforts to produce our blends in California. Sunland has done a great job for us in manufacturing these custom blends to our specifications. We needed to find a company that had these unique capabilities in blending chlorinated solvents and Sunland has exceeded all of our expectations.

Sunland is a full service packager with excellent storage and warehouse capabilities. They are managed extremely well by Max Cohen and we have found his staff to always be accessible and ready to help in whatever we needed to have accomplished. They have been able to produce our blends in an efficient and timely manner We would be happy to recommend Sunland Chemical Company to anyone who needs storage, warehousing and blending on the west coast.

You’ve found the best partner anyone could ever ask for!

Since launching our products in the North American market in 2006 we have depended on Sunland Chemical for custom formulation and blending, warehousing, packaging & shipping. We were initially impressed with their confidentiality, trustworthiness, and willingness to support our fledgling enterprise by essentially assuming responsibility for all our back end production and logistical needs. In fact, for the first couple of years I think we were inventing new ways for Sunland to help us weekly, often in ways that could only be described as above and beyond the ordinary course of business.

Since that time we have grown our business dramatically, now blending thousands of gallons per month with Sunland&.and happily, still inventing new ways for them help us.

I have and will continue to highly recommend anyone looking to start up, or streamline their chemical production business to talk to Max at Sunland Chemical. Congratulations, your search is over..you’ve found the best partner anyone could ever ask for!

Receptive to some of our customers unusual requests

Sunland has been very prompt in their delivery of product to our customers when requested. I do not recall a single issue associated with their performance; it has been great. They have even occasionally gone out of their way and been receptive to some of our customers unusual requests. Thank you.

“Your Blending Was Critical To Our Growth”

“Your blending of several of our more important products, when we need such help badly, was critical to our growth.

You not only did an excellent job of blending, but the time between our placing an order and receiving the finished product was so short that it meant we could keep our inventory levels low and yet not have any problem supplying our customers, even when a larger volume of product than normal was ordered from us.”